Rosie ‘The Vegan Dog’s’ Favourites: Guide to Vegan Dog Food/Treats/Homemade Goods

This is Rosie, she is not your average ( recently turned) 4-year-old doggo. In her 4 years being on this planet, she has learned a lot about what this world has to offer her, especially in dog food and treats. Let’s start with her backstory.

Rosie (pudding pies, baby bums, fruit loop, little poops, + more) was born in British Columbia. She didn’t have it easy at first, being called the ugly one of the pack and a little nugget until her favorite hooman decided to rescue her from the 7 seas in the rainforest typhoon. Okay, that’s not exactly how it went but in Rosie’s eyes having an extremely and I mean EXTREMELY dramatic personality, we will keep it that way. She has road-tripped across 5 provinces, including trying to run away in an Alberta gas station as well as the top CIA spot to guard the door while you shower, just in case a fly decides to spy on you. Not to mention, Rosie has a few special qualities about her many wouldn’t know by first glance at an um…small little bear looking pooch. She has learned to actively sense panic attacks and is incredible at not letting you out of her sight when you deal with post-anxiety. This all comes with a little bit of help though. Rosie learned a lot from her fellow boop and babe Candie who passed away from natural old farts earlier this year who had a very, very long life line. To add to this Candie never had one health condition until her final year which was predicted– besides a hoof to the back trying to play with baby deer but that’s beside the point. Candie was a veggie OBSESSED so you can’t really blame Rosie for making the 20-pound decision to bow out of hunting for meat …….at the dog store.

There is not much to Rosie’s story of how she became vegan, she is just a picky little shit that decided really expensive meat dog food won’t cut it for her even if it cut into my bank account greatly. This resulted into testing around different dog foods but nothing was good enough for this small panda ( she was not sick for all you keyboard vets just again… a little shit). Until her vegan owner decided to try a vegan kibble to see if this would at least stop the vortex of money draining as a joke. Sure enough, the dog bowl was clear and ready to add to the pile of dishes. Rosie started to discover new finds while shaking her bum into this journey. She has a lot more energy than before (a downfall to me with play time at 2 am). So what are these finds Rosie can’t keep her paws off? You will just have to find out for yourself, just like how I found out she is way cooler than me.

Here is what Rosie dives into in terms of ‘regular’ dog food and treats. All are vegan, cost-effective and lasts quite a while depending on doggo size of course. ( she switches between Fruitables flavors btw which you can purchase on if your an Eh, mate)

Outside of having a fabulous le kibble dinner, she snacks on:

  • Watermelon
  • Carrots
  • Blueberries (*MASSIVE LOVE)
  • Sweet Potatoe ( sometimes we mix this with her dry food if she is extra hungry after a hike/walk)
  • Pumpkin ( especially around the holidays warmed up and cozy)
  • Chickpeas ( sparingly and cut up, cooked as is, and never ever hummus)
  • Peanut butter w/ no nuts ( duh)

When switching up leafy green salads in our household especially in the winter, we tend to make lots of homemade stews that are dog-friendly including a Chickpea stew that we found online. Rosie is obsessed while watching us cook with amazing fumes in the air and of course being the taste tester. Get creative! She may or may not have a few licks of vegan ice cream once in a while but this cannot be confirmed or denied.

Here is her editorial photoshoot:

If you want to gain respect from Rosie ( which is very tough I may add) you can donate to the BCSPCA in honor of her fellow boop Candie, like mentioned passed away earlier this year by clicking HERE. She was my childhood dog and can’t remember a life without her, which has been traumatic for me the past few months. We all love and miss you, babe! Rosie rest assures readers that she is in combat and ready to take on the legacy of the flag barrier * cough* I mean… carrot connoisseur *.


*DISCLAIMER. serious but also not serious* We are not professional dog butt check uppers. Rosie is simply sharing her favs and what works for her. Of course please consult your vet ie: dog butt checker uppers for the best treatment/care for your dog. If your dog has been experiencing a small wave of depression when you leave the house, just know Rosie does too!

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