The minute you wake up, you turn into a blooded coffee fish searching for the trustee coffee joint. Preferably instead, grabbing your French press before your phone, to shake the negative ions before unlocking client’s emails. But do you really know where the bean originates from and the value of the industry’s market? It’s bigger than the cup your brewing, let’s just put it that way.

Let’s chat about Fair Trade.

You might not think about what action your chained coffee joint supports. There are no restrictions for an equal brew meaning, they can charge as much as they like. There are actual humans in camouflage, creating what is in your cup before it meets the barista. Fair Trade institutions are actively supporting the craftsperson and property of the biological system. Such as farming practices and empowering climate-friendly coffee. Standing tall to prohibit child and forced labor. These people are here to offer better trading conditions to coffee bean farmers. Fact: 25 million smallholder farmers, who produce 80% of the world coffee fail to make a reliable living. We need to support to them by taking control of their own futures. Coffee exporting alone is a 20 billion dollar industry.

Bring the fair into your home.

Here are a few of our Canadian favorites to keep in heart, when following the recipes below.

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