Crows Nest is best described as “not your ordinary hair cutting place” and “ absolutely phenomenal service” right from their clients. This old-school, laidback barbershop is more than just a respectable place, its flooded with humble and gracious individuals that make Crows Nest feel like home.

Matt – a vet ‘artist’ picked up his first pair of snippers at the age of 14, his keyword for landing at Crows Nest was ‘ likeminded people” and of course, tatted and have similar interests such as skateboarding. Due to barbering becoming universal and a cool creative art form sort of speak, for humans like Matt it’s amazing because it keeps the industry going. As well, touching on the fact that men are becoming more detailed with their look even the slightest touches of preference such as side part and as trends change, regulars and walk-ins, for the most part, are becoming more narrowed-in on their appearance states Crows Nest. Keeping your fresh look involves after-care. Though you may think promoted Instagram products for beards/hair care are simply not worth it or not needed, Matt did make a point of saying pomades, oils, mustache wax, balms are key and even threw Uppercut for a company recommendation.

Aesthetically Crows Nest might seem too good to be true with their retro interior/exterior but this is a case you’re found lucky. The barbers feel nothing is missing from being in the chair in the 50’s to now at their shop. Like mentioned this is an art form, but they still see this as a trade, like it was blue collar back then even inspecting on small details such as staying away from plastic guards for the most part and sticking with metal clipper guards mentioning what gents in the army were exposed to. Keeping it short, Crows Nest is trying to keep it as close to the tradition of barbering as much as possible.

As most barbers at Crows Nest piping up for what they would like to see for the future of this shop, you could say “ More Crows and more Crows Nest’ was the generalized ‘vote’. They are in the process of expanding their already 5 popular shops. It was nice to hear how highly they spoke of the owner too, how well they are treated and no matter what,  they will hop on board and support him. They aren’t opening shops with random people states Matt, they are family. Even starting with their apprenticeship and training.

Truly through conversation, you won’t meet jacks like these that pay so close attention to your cut and quality is pressed into each of their chairs.  To book Matt or your new barber click HERE

A quick thank you for allowing us to host this interview at such a busy time!

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