Soo, the whole one nose piercing just isn’t cutting it or maybe, you’re looking to expand your creative photography portfolio. You’re likely to see face jewelry pace the alternative fashion week runways, but who’s to say we can’t change the game and bring it into different worlds of threads. Isn’t that the point of being Rad and ….Raw?

There are tons of dope face chains that linger on independent shop sites such as Kalifesta on Etsy who makes additional (even better) pieces.

Though not all men ( if you are thinking about yourself) like taking trends or jewelry to the overly eccentric heights but still want a little extra something that makes them different. Earring plugs have been around for ages and as time goes along artists are becoming more creative. We found a few that have the piercing candy feel …literally and designs that are exciting yet still tame but don’t tell the Joker plugs that.



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