Ah, it’s the season of exciting streetwear and new designers emerging behind the curtain. You’re probably now familiar with Fashion Art Toronto as we now consider ourselves veterans in the making.

I never come into FAT trying to pressure my brain into predicting what could happen or what comes down that runway, as it always blows my mind. Our team was totally loving the old school TV presentation just outside the doors into a whole new galaxy. I started my journey on day 4, due to doctors demanding my stay at the hospital which I terribly was watching all the fun take place at FAT on Instagram. Really, thank god for social media even though it could be such a bug sometimes.

FAT is always a place where clothes can be for everyone. It allows you to think outside the box instead of literally adding labels on what is female and what is male. To be honest some of those wedding dresses would totally look fabulous on a gent. I’m just saying.

What was my favorite part of the evening? Most definitely KKLO who brought both entertainment and fashion stage. I cannot express how many times I was turning my head to see the reactions behind me because it was a show-stopping performance. If anyone can teach me how to dance like that, there would never be a time where I wouldn’t be moving and bragging how good I am. Shoutout to those dancers!

Fashion Art Toronto has always left me with great confidence, and a great reminder that being who you are is one of the greatest achievements you can accomplish.

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