When I was younger, I was known for my hair that went down to my hips. There was probably not one person in school that didn’t question if it was real. I can’t express how many times my hair was pulled slightly to see if any extensions will come out.

At some points, it felt like my superpower, and I could never imagine giving up my superpower for anything. Though I did have this ongoing battle about wanting to shave my head every summer due to the heat and found myself fighting the villain elastic band.

I remember always admiring women that cut their hair quite short, I always felt like it had this cute edge that made them stand out amidst the crowd. I mean the name pixie cut says it all, but no matter how much I adored these women, I always felt a small voice in the back of my head that would tell me I would look terrible and would be simply too masculine to pull it off.

The journey did start with a few inches off the edge that made it’s way to a light pageboy cut. I was at that point where I was seeking the messy but effortless french girl look. But even still, the happiness didn’t last very long. I knew there was something missing so I even tried out coloring my hair silver gray, that wasn’t too far from my baby blond hair. But yet again, there I was looking at the mirror still unsatisfied.

It wasn’t until I started getting really sick, where it led me to adapt a go with the flow attitude and doing things because it made me happy and not for anyone else. I started looking at a few girls on YouTube and Instagram that recently got a pixie cut. I’m pretty sure I had a permanent smile on my face as I was scrolling. Michelle Williams has always been one of my favorite actresses and I always thought she looks so good with her short hair. It was then that I saved her red carpet photo on my phone and showed my mother (because duh!) what I wanted to get done next week. She was surprised that the young Sadie who swore she never let her mermaid hair go is ready to take it a step further.

I know some people probably think that it’s just hair, and to be honest you’re right. But still, in society, we base femininity around the length of your hair and the chicness of your makeup. I also used to model when I was younger, and like most young girls, I admired the Victoria Secret Angels.  But on TV, it appeared that you needed to have beautiful waves passing your shoulders for you to be the it girl, so it made me feel as if I almost needed it. Unfortunately, even though I’ve always been a person somewhat comfortable in my skin, I still had a hell of load insecurity brought on by the fact that I allowed other people to make decisions for me, based on everything they wanted me to look.

In the present, I wish I made the move sooner. I’ve never felt so powerful as a woman, and it’s made me take even bolder moves in the way I dress. I feel like it’s become a template for what I wish to paint throughout the day or when I wake up. I don’t think we take enough risks these days because it’s all about gorgeous locks with a sun-kissed tan, running around Greece pretending our insecurities don’t swim with us in the ocean. Become in tune with your gut feeling, if there is ever a moment was you feel you need to make a change to showcase what’s been hiding underneath – do it! These changes can affect your life for the good.

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Here is some inspo (the slightest trim makes all the difference with pixie cuts)! The first one is what I brought to my hairdresser!


and…styling the pixie:

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