Have you ever looked at a chic lingerie body suit and thought how cute it would look under a pair of high-waisted jeans and a boyfriend styled dress shirt? Because this was me a week ago, online shopping for a few summer outfits as the weather *fingers crossed* is looking on the warmer side.

For me, lingerie is like makeup, a little goes a long way. It’s also something that I like to invest in, as I feel like it’s one of the most important pieces on your body. Typically I like to keep with the neutral colors, when I was younger hot pink with sparkly stripes always seem to be my go-to but then I realized how much wear and tear the colors vanish when frequently washing. Keep it sexy but basic.

One thing I really love about this generation of fashion is that we are embracing each size. To be fair I’m not the most booby woman on the planet (something I was extremely insecure about), so for the itty bitty titty committee, we can proudly wear bando type bras as part of our outfit.

As I got older also I stopped caring about the way women are perceived to men. I always took a second look in the mirror anytime that I wore something that wasn’t as conservative, as the idiotic “asking for it quote” stormed my head. Women are superheroes, and we shouldn’t be having to give excuses to feel good about ourselves.

So today we are going to be embracing the extremely cute pieces we are given by the world of lingerie and flaunting it in such a badass way.

nue lingerie
azura bay
the ethical silk co
hara the label

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