On a very not so fun Friday night, I decided to give my wardrobe a bit of a spring cleaning. I was never much for hoarding clothes that weren’t of use or pretended that I could fix them as if I was Coco Chanel. Even though I’m not cluttered like some, I’ve been trying to stay neutral and dare I say it… Minimalist.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been a huge fan of a clean threaded white T-shirt, but I always thought because I am la queen of rainbows, I need it to spice it up most of the time.

I am now a changed woman, I find great appeal in my messy hair and ripped jeans, as I play my French music in the back. To this, I learned a few secrets that were hiding beneath the basics, so instead of piling your carts of useless material that will end up contributing to a fashion landfill, take a look what you got and apply it to a few of these rules. Not to mention all the clothing that is not in use can go to somebody else’s capsule wardrobe.

Also, remember that your detergent and your washing machine can cause damage to your clothes. I would recommend hand washing any sustainable pieces you have, due to it being made with of course loads of love but because the material is high quality you want to ensure it’s treated well.

Now, how many pieces can you have in a capsule wardrobe? 30 or less but we definitely recommend exaggerating the less part. You don’t need to count workout clothing, because that is not something you wear on the daily to work or class, depending on your occupation. But a good pair or two of perfect leggings should do the trick.

The Base:

The Extras:


Outfit Combos:

Jewelry Moodboard:


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