Last month you might recall our coverage from Run The World Fashion and Night Market aka: a night every woman needed to experience. One of our missions for the evening was to seek out a great human interest amidst the crowd, this is where we were introduced to RavinzAngel who we couldn’t possibly miss with her candy floss fashion menu and warm energy.

Who is behind this brand?

Amanda Bhikha, is a multifaceted artist and a child youth worker. Her passion for art started at a young age and through Amanda’s studies at OCAD, her safety blanket grew bigger.

When Amanda was 10 years old, her older brother passed away to suicide. RavinzAngel is a dedication to him and the lessons Amanda learned with the physical absence. Her wearable art is not only is a walking billboard for those that want to spread a positive message but a translative platform as if the threads understand what the person who puts it on is going through.

Rad + Raw asked Amanda if she had to place a semicolon anywhere in Toronto as a visual experience for those to have a better understanding for mental health, she quickly responded to how Yonge and Gerrard would be her first stop. At one point in her journey, Amanda did a placemat at Covenant House for a while which goes hand-in-hand with the want to connect visitors to a sense of freedom. She mentioned through her experience that those in a young age group,  don’t always see past the teenage years so having a statement as a semicolon appear would be a continuous reminder to keep going no matter what is happening right now.

We had to wonder where even a drop of Amanda’s wisdom comes from and those that inspire herself to be the greatest girl boss she could. Without a shadow of a doubt, Amanda stated “My mother and not just because she is my mother, but because she has gone through a lot not only just with my brother, but like coming to Canada and starting a new life without her family. Also, my sister-in-law, who also has had a lot of obstacles in her life. She also added both are great listeners when she needs it the most and encourages those to find at least that one person you can lean on.

Due to the world of fashion being overly populated as if it is a planet on its own, Amanda would love to see other brands create impactful messages by blending art and fashion together while making it accessible. She believes that even one simple thing can make somebody feel better and that is how fashion should be turning in terms of direction.

Amanda who is on her way to be one of the leading movement shakers in mental health, she would like to be known for being compassionate and empathetic which Amanda believes those around her would use those words to describe her the best.

When we say that you haven’t seen anything yet by the resilience she holds inside of her, we truly mean it because, for RavinzAngel, the story will always continue.

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