Have you ever played a song that felt like warm honey dripping down your throat that eases your itch for a great melody? This would be the best way to describe Hope Waidley, which honey also happens to be her go-to when keeping her glorious vocals well-rested. Rad + Raw spoke to the naturally gifted songwriter about her travels, the love of surfing, and connecting with her audience in a much deeper way.

Hope always enjoyed singing as long as she can remember. She started to write music at the age of 6 years old, and as time went by she realized how much of a copy mechanism it became. There wasn’t a moment Hope wouldn’t be cultivating earthy tunes but she wouldn’t exactly always share them, it was simply a release. Around sixteen, she became in tune with the power of music and realized it would probably be a good idea to release her tracks if it helped her so much, thinking it would do the same for someone else. At a natural and steady process, Hope started to record what her note pad had seen all this time with the help of a friend that produced the goods.

You could say Hope is on her way to becoming a globetrotter as her Instagram location seems to be a change in weather quite frequently, but as she notes it’s the people that make the destinations so great. Those we have met have defiantly impacted my music. A lot of them have been super unique and had characteristics that radiated a ton. Hope continued, “The certain feeling a place gives such as the difference in dessert, ocean and the mountains project new sounds, is very influential.

Hope’s recent single “To My Mother” which is out on various platforms to listen and purchase, is a crystal clear dedication to one of the most important influences in her life, but even with the bar set high, the writing process didn’t come with much arm-twisting nerves. “I didn’t feel pressure, it was an honor” stated Hope, “But it was difficult because when I write it kind of happens and not necessarily planned. There was no way I could write about my mother without being metaphoric because that is what felt like home. The way she showed us love and care and what matters in life.”

Though her music seems to cover most of her stitching in her safety blanket, Hope finds her “home away from home” anywhere there is pure love and an atmosphere that has grace and humility. She added that can be so many places and it’s beautiful. One, in particular, that was brought up like hints of dark chocolate that cleanses your palette each time you need that “cheer up” was the ocean.

“Surfing effortlessly be compared to life.” Hope deepening her tone, “There is a lot to learn and you have the choice to grow and continue to ride the waves or back away because it looks like the easier choice. There is a lot more satisfaction when you ride it out. You never stop surfing and finding ways to understand the ocean.”

As the conversation continued and the wisdom that was flowing, I had to wonder about Hope’s playlist that leeks inspiration and what she observes when she is ready to press play on a record. If you didn’t guess even an ounce of outspokenness in her lyric ingredients, you have been misreading this article, the whole time. “I’ve always listened to people who have something to say and seems to have interesting perspectives. For instance, a Neil Young song states “It’s better to burn out than fade away.” The way it sounds it makes you think. Also Johnny Cash’s – Men in Black, when he talks about how he wears black for the prisoners that long overpaid their dues that are still there. Even as a 5-year-old it stuck with me.”

What does the next chapter of music look like for Hope Waidly, described as if it was a friend? Very honest, raw and a great reminder. Which leaves us to believe that we like in her words will “dance with the sun.”

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