Over the past few months and even the wee time we have curated art columns, we peeked into our article graveyard to see what has been missing. Sure enough, just at the right time Stop Urban Dance Competition/Showcase was only a week away. With a throwback theme featuring categories such as hip-hop, break, Bollywood, jazz and more – this was our golden youth week ticket. Lining up before entry, was hectic and if you could really picture what a sardine can really feels like – that was it. Time went by quickly just picking up the vibrations of a packed Sony and excitement alone so we couldn’t imagine how it would be like once the lights go on. Each dancer, even in a group stood out on their own, it felt like no matter the synchronicity of the performance you could really tell each dancers personal flavor. There were so many times I was nudging in amazement – I mean even the beginners’ category didn’t feel like beginners so I couldn’t even imagine what would prevail for the advanced. I don’t know what these kiddos are drinking in their water but even the 6-year-olds were incredibly talented – how exciting is our next generation. It will be competitive, to say the least as every youth was leveling their ability every few steps. The progression from when the start of the music came on to the end brought back memories from when I was in dance and I hope every youth participating knows how bright of a future they have and can’t wait to be seeing those tear up the stage performing with some of the greats one day. Toronto tings’


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